Старший механик (сервисная компания), Тенгиз 14/14

Требования: Высшее техническое образование.  Опыт работы от двух до пяти лет в поддержке зданий и оборудования, работы с котельным оборудованием и насосами,  знание слесарно-монтажных работ, знание техники безопасности.

Обязанности: Поддержание в исправном состоянии оборудования. Своевременный закуп зап. частей и т.д.

Старший механик (сервисная компания), Тенгиз 14/14: 3 комментария

  1. Courses, certificates Driving license (B, C category), boat master small
    size vessel, tractor driver Certificate of, Basic H2S
    (OPITO), Basic offshore safety induction &
    emergency traning(OPITO), responsible for gas
    facilities, welder
    Knowledge of computer I am able make operational with (MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, АБС,
    SAP, AutoCAD)

    Professional experience.
    01.04.2016- 15.05.2016 mechanical Engineer. KPO g Aksay. Overhaul of gas turbine — disassembly of gas turbine parts and auxiliary equipment, Troubleshooting, replacement of worn parts, installation, alignment, adjustment, putting into operation
    01.03.2015- 01.04.2016 individual entrepreneur
    19.07.2011-05.02.2015 Agip Atyrau (Karabotan) Mechanical supervisor.
    Last place of work includes:
    The equipment included in the maintenance service mechanics: pumping stations, pipelines, valves, diesel,
    boilers on gas and liquid fuel, pressure vessels, compressors and air supply systems, closed storage tanks,
    gear …
    Organization and control of maintenance of equipment, planning of current and capital repairs. Output
    control tasks in the program for SAP equipments according to their maintenance plans
    Resources to improve the methods of repair and control of equipment, training of specialists.
    Interaction with customer service and subcontractor, as well as with other services operating and technical
    control. Identifying the causes premature wear of the equipment. Investigation of equipment failure.
    Adoption of measures to increase the lifetime of the equipment and eliminate the factors affecting the equipment malfunction.
    Work with technical and business documentation, preparation of reports and the protection, management of
    certificates for equipment and repair history (SAP, EDMS, Outlook). Work with the chart.
    Identifying the causes of equipment failure input, participation in the change of operating mode equipment to
    prevent breakdowns.
    Search and order parts for equipment, working with suppliers and control over the execution of applications.

    26.03.08-2010г. PLR « The center of GROWTH »
    head of production plant, responsible for gas equipment.
    01.01.07-01.02.08г. Scientific-research institute of micrography
    Head of building and placement repair area- head specialist еnergy-
    mechanical department.
    09.02.04 – 01.01.07г Scientific-research institute of micrography
    head specialist of equipment- Construction supervisor еnergy-mechanical
    21.08.03 – 09.02.04г. Scientific-research institute of micrography
    head specialist of motor transport — motor transport workshop superintendent.
    19.07.00- 07.08.03г. PC «Оmega»
    Construction supervisor.
    01.08.97 – 19.07.00г. PC «Omega» electric welder

    Тel +7 775-736-58-91,
    Сот. +7 777-184-93-41,

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